Vendors & Factories We Represent

BedTech - Ships from Savoy, IL - Incredibly fast shipping with deep inventory. Most dealers get shipments in 2-3 days. Complete adjustable bed base program, split top memory foam and hybrid mattresses in a box, metal platform risers, and value-priced mattresses in a box. All items are in stock and ready to ship to you.

Bedding Industries of America (BIA) - Ships from Chicago, IL and New Brunswick, NJ - Mattress collections across all levels. Promotional to value and mid-tier. Luxury collections spanning latex, natural, handmade from England Millbrook Bedding and artisan collections like Hemingway.  BIA is also a split top mattress specialist offering hybrids, memory foam and latex all in split top configurations. 

Protect A Bed - The originator in the mattress protection category. Primeau Furniture Sales is proud to have represented for more than 20 years. We have complete programs to offer in protection, encasements, pillow protectors, pillows, and top of bed.

DreamFit - ships from Culman, AL - An incredible American Success Story. Started in a literal shack DreamFit now stands as an industry leader in fine quality USA assembled and finished sheet sets, guaranteed to stay on. DreamFit solves the "first world problems" your customers have. No more sheets that pop off, no more guessing which end goes where, and no more bunching under your body. The fit and finish of these sheets is second to none. Your customers will love the collections - StayDri, Cottons, Natural Cottons, Enhanced Bamboo, and Jersey Stretch all available in amazing colors with incredible packaging and support. 

Instant Comfort - ships from Kansas City, MO - A long-time manufacturer of quality specialized mattresses in the medical industry and home furnishings industry. Instant Comfort is the only manufacturer to offer legitimate options for your floor to capture your share of the $2 billion market Sleep NumberĀ® has cornered. No reason to let them get all the sales. Add Instant Comfort to your floor and tap into a $2 billion market!

I Love Pillow - ships from Michigan - Imagine offering a memory foam pillow, poured and made in America that feels incredible, you can't stop touching and squeezing and that doesn't smell like stinky foam from China! Customers love the feel of I Love Pillow USA-made pillows and you'll love the quality and margins too!