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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Needless to say retail salespeople get plenty of rejection from customers and bad news about deliveries and discontinued items from manufacturers to keep them in a perpetual bad mood. One of the determining factors in retail sales success is a positive attitude. Staring at the mirror and telling yourself you are positive while you are feeling terrible will do little if anything to improve your mood. Here are some ideas that will work. Some are short term strategies and others are long term habits.

Decide- Your positive attitude starts with your decision to go for it! Ask yourself the following questions: If I was really positive everyday what would my life look like? How much more would I sell? How much better would my relationships with my friends and family be?”

Realize- It took you years to develop the mental attitude you have now. Nothing will impact your life and career as much as developing a positive attitude. Commit to improving your attitude for the next year. You will see change sooner than that but for habits to change to completely positive it will take a year.

Start- Today is the day to change. Do not put it off one day. Start now! Start everyday with something positive. It can be a prayer, your favorite saying, or reading your goals. Everyday that I wake up I thank God for my life and ask him to use me for good today.  

Avoid- We all have to deal with negative people at work, don’t do it at home. Avoid negative people. Avoid TV shows that are negative. If you are arguing with the TV or the radio change it. Avoid negative co-workers when possible.

Ignore- Sometimes you cannot avoid negative people or situations. When possible ignore them. I will play the song in my head, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” I just posted it. Just press on my Facebook page at  Please Like my page while you are there!

Exercise- You don’t have to join a gym and lift weights. Start with walking. Take a walk every morning and you will feel better. Find something that you like to do that involves moving your body. Make it fun! Play basketball, golf or tennis.  

Focus- Your new positive attitude must be the focus for your day. You cannot serve your customers and your family well if you are negative. Be positive and then serve everyone you come into contact with a smile.

Smile- I know it’s trite but “a smile is a frown turned upside down” will almost always make you smile.

Thank- Be thankful for all the blessings in your life big and small. There is abundance all around us. When we are truly thankful more is given to us. I am thankful for all the beautiful people in my life. I am thankful for every morsel of food that has been giving to me. I really try to stop and smell the roses. Thank you to Mac Davis for that song it enhanced my life in a very positive way. I just posted that here at

Create- an environment that is positive and supports your goals. You favorite colors and favorite smells should be incorporated. Listen to positive messages on CDs and your favorite music. Watch positive messages on DVD. Go to seminars about success and attitude. Observe your teammates. How do they stay positive?

Action Step- Go to and buy Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. Now the most important step, read it and implement it. Print page 138 and 139 and read it every day for a year! It takes two minutes.  For more ideas or to share successes please call me at 419-560-3169. Also please go to my website and add a comment or question to this article. I answer them all. We have some great articles coming because of your questions!

Wishing You Success,


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  1. Amy says:

    Fantastic and very uplifting article! This is just what I needed-that little “boost” that I know was meant for me. I will definitely bookmark this site and come back often!

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Amy! Check out the YouTube videos next time you visit.

  3. Mark Quinn says:

    Great stuff Pete, thanks for spreading the good news. People can use it right now!

  4. Marina Klima says:

    This is a great reminder about being positive that we all always need. I stay positive because I have great friends and supporters.

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