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The Guestroom

Today’s post is a guest article from Keith Castonguay.  Keith has experience in retail sales,  retail sales management as well as the buying end of the furniture industry.

How many times have we heard this exchange?

Salesperson: Welcome to XYZ Mattress. Are you looking to get a better night’s sleep?

Customer: No, I’m just looking for a mattress for my guestroom.

What is the visceral reaction to this response from the customer?  Are you likely to believe that this customer is not a candidate for a premium or ultra premium mattress? In many instances that would be correct.

But it could be something much different.

Marty the Mattress Monkey down the street may go into a diatribe of information dumping and making assumptions about need and budget.

I have the perfect sleep set. This mattress has 350 individual coils, 5 turn, 13 gauge steel, and memory foam on the top layer. It is regularly $999.00 but this week we are running it at $499.00. It’s perfect for your needs.”

All this causing the customer to say, “Great I’ll think about it, do you have a card.”

What if we take the same circumstance and use the diagnostic questions and determine the following:

  • The guestroom mattress is for a room that is used 2 to 3 nights a week for his mother in law.
  • She is the primary care giver of the couple’s children when his wife is at work and he travels.
  • She recently had a hip replacement and currently sleeps on a Tempur-Pedic at her own home.

Wow! What a difference a few questions make.

By leaving our bias at home and taking just a few seconds to ask the diagnostic questions we have determined:

  1. The guestroom is used often.
  2. The person using it needs good restorative sleep because she has a very important job the next day.
  3. Support is vital because of a preexisting medical issue.
  4. The person using the bed is accustomed to sleeping on an ultra premium mattress.
  5. We also establish some kind of $$$ comfort because more than likely the customer is somewhat aware of the cost of the mattress his mother sleeps on at home.

The customer will appreciate the professionalism of taking the time to care about this important health related purchase. And not just pitching the “hot buy special”.


Keith Castonguay

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  1. Pete Primeau says:

    Thanks Keith for another great article!

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