On 07/22/12 7:02 PM, Mel Opp wrote:

I want to let you know as to how much I enjoyed and have learned from your web site. We are all looking for some magical way to get in with a client once they walk in the door. I listened to your “secret greeting” on your web site. I started using it this Friday and continued throughout the weekend. Store traffic was down, however, by using your greeting I never once in 3 days got the “just looking”. Every customer that I greeted, even though they appeared to want to say they were looking actually told me what they came in for. Thank you so much. I find that even after all these years you still find a way to build a better mouse trap.

Mel Opp, Sales Consultant at Becker Furniture World

Here is the link to the video that Mel refers to. Just Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkrXsLJyIPg&list=UU4MBGOiQ1oBe-yrkXWbwlng&index=5&feature=plcp.


“Pete is a true business partner, continuously seeking win-win scenarios where each party can benefit in growing their businesses together profitably. Pete’s direct and genuine approach, combined with his enthusiasm and strong values makes him a delight to work with and fun to be around!”

Steve Russo, President, Southerland, Inc

“Pete has represented our company, Protect-A-Bed for over 4 years. In this time he has grown the business significantly, and developed strong relationships with his customers. He is organized, hard-working, and a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail ensures that he follows up with all customers and exhibits true customer service. He has continued to grow each of his customer’s business over the years, and tailors the program to fit each customer’s needs. I would highly recommend Pete.”

Clive Goldin, President of Protect-A-Bed

“Pete has represented Southerland since May of 2007. Pete has and continues to do a great job! His attention to detail and customer service have earned him the respect of his customers and his peers. Southerland is blessed to have a person with drive and character of Pete Primeau.”

Bryan Smith, Executive Vice President and CFO, Southerland, Inc.

“I’ve been associated with Pete for many years as a customer and colleague. His in-depth knowledge of his product lines paired with his intense attention to customer service make him one of our industries leading sales gurus. He genuinely enjoys what he does and spends a great deal of time sharing his experience and knowledge for the betterment of his client’s bottom line.”

Bill Cooperstein, Self Employed Manufacturers Representative, LBC & Associates, Inc

“Ethical, honest, hard working, and passionate are words that I would use to describe Pete. There is not a better first round pick than Pete. I am blessed to have him as a partner. We are thriving in a tough environment due to his leadership. His word is his bond with our customers and the companies we represent. You cannot find a better person and partner that leads by example.”

Nick Markos, Senior Partner, Primeau Furniture Sales

“If I were starting a sales force, Pete is the first person I would hire. He truly cares about his customers and always goes above and beyond what is required. He will never sacrifice his integrity regardless of the consequences.”

Jerry Williams, Chief Operating Officer at PMD Furniture Direct Inc.

“Pete is the type of salesperson that you want to model all your reps after. He wants to help grow your business with the best suited products that he provides. Pete places the proper Product at the proper Place with the proper Price for your proper Person !! I really believe his full name is Peter “Caring” Primeau .”

Bob Vari, Owner, CLOUD 9 BEDDING

“Pete knows how to dedicate himself to achieve individual results. As an athlete he has succeeded at the highest levels. Pete brings that same discipline to his business ventures. Pete also is a team player that contributes to the success of any organization regardless of his role.  Pete continues to grow and learn new ways to add value to his customer base.”

Paul Sullivan, VP at Five Star Mattress

“Pete is a very reliable person and easy to work with. He is a dependable sales person and very knowledgeable in his craft.”

Jamal Shawar, Owner, Kings Furniture

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