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Show Me The Money

Show Me the MoneyWhen I recently asked you what articles about selling you would like to read, the most popular response was “Show me how to make more money.” I cannot thoroughly answer that in one article but I can share several ideas that will help you immediately. Tune in next week for more ideas.

Money is a by product of Serving. Want to make more money? The top salespeople focus on serving their customers. The money they make is simply the result of serving the needs and wants of their customers.

Top Salespeople are in business for themselves. They create their own traffic. They network and prospect continuously to increase the number of customers they see everyday. This will be the topic of a future article.

They Prepare. They know their products, inventory, advertising, finance offers, policies and procedures, and those of their competitors. I must acknowledge John F. Lawhon’s breakthrough book here “Selling Retail”.

They Shop their Competition. You must shop your competitors or have them shopped. Failure to do this will lead to missed sales.

They Educate Themselves. They embrace new ideas. One top salesperson shared that his favorite sales trainers were Dale Carnegie and Tom Hopkins. Not only did he buy the books he invested in their seminars! He saw Hopkins twice! He did not wait for his company to train him. He invested in his own business. His sales business! Among my favorite authors/speakers are Zig Zigler, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, and the fabulous Jeffrey Gitomer. A big Thank You to Jonathan DiPrinzio for turning me on to Jeffrey Gitomer. After twenty nine years of success in selling, I am still learning.

Continuous Improvement. Top Salespeople seek to learn every day in every way. They study their coworkers for new ideas and techniques. They become friends with the sales representatives so they can learn everything they can from them.

They Measure their Success. They know their metrics. They measure their closing rates and their average ticket. They strive to improve their statistics. They are on a mission to improve their service to their customers. They know that to achieve true success everyone must win.

They Follow Up. Before I read John F. Lawhon’s “Selling Retail” I would send thank you notes only to customers that bought from me. After I read the book I started sending thank you notes to all my customers. Lawhon explained that one of the differences between good and great salespeople was the great ones sent thank you notes to all their customers. He was right! My income went up. The most important follow up is a phone call the day after a customer shops your store. More on this in future issues.

Find a Mentor. Who do you know that is the best? Model yourself after them, but do not lose yourself. Follow the principles of your mentor’s success but be yourself. I will be posting a video about this on my Primeau Furniture Sales like page very soon. It is very funny and touching and all true. I could not make this story up.

The Secret Question. I have never seen or heard of anyone else doing this so I believe this is my original contribution to selling. If you do this please email me at After I would consummate the sale, as I was handing the customer their receipt, I would ask, “Why did you buy from me?” The answer to that question will help provide you with a road map to your success and is the subject of next week’s article.

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I recently read David Perry’s article “Mattress Metrics.” It sounds like he wants us to leave retail customers alone. Do you really think that will help me make more sales? My company wants me to be with the customer every second in case the customer has a question. If I walk away from the customer and they buy I lose the sale. I’m confused. What do you think?

– Brian



I also read David’s column. As a matter of fact I posted it to my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. If you read the survey David included, customers want to work with an expert #1 and they want to work with someone who is listening to them #2. There’s an old saying in sales, “The customer doesn’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  Numerous authors have taken credit for that saying over the years so I will not attribute it to any one author.

The truth is every customer is different. It is incumbent on you as a professional salesperson to make your customer comfortable. If they want room, give them some space but do not ignore them. Be ready to help them the way they want to be helped when they want help. Engaging the customer is more of an art than a science. Be yourself. Let your personality show through and you will make more sales. David did mention the fine line that RSAs must walk between being pushy and apathetic. I agree with him. The most important questions you need to ask yourself are, “Is my heart in the right place?” and “Am I here to serve my customer?”  If you are then have fun and be yourself. People buy from people they like.

– Pete


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”

-Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden

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