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Selling Furniture & Mattresses – The Power of You!

The furniture and mattress industries are ripe with knockoffs. Knockoffs are generally lower quality and lower priced merchandise that is inspired by a high quality runaway bestseller. After spending 29 years in this industry, I do get a chuckle when a manufacturer tries to knockoff an item that is not really a bestseller. Some executives just do not listen to their retailers! So much for my amusement, this article is about you and how you can make more money selling furniture and mattresses. Knockoffs create confusion and hesitation with retail customers. It is up to you, the salesperson, to guide the customer through the maze of merchandise and help them select the right product for their needs and desires. Here is how you can make the magic happen at retail and why you are the greatest sales tool you will ever wield.

Your Knowledge- Learn everything you can about your furniture and mattresses. Study your merchandise with all your senses. Alright, use most all your senses. Please do not taste the furniture or mattresses! Find a top salesperson to mentor you. Ask your management team and your teammates any questions that you cannot answer on your own. Ask your sales representatives questions. When possible go to the factory. Factory tours are a great way to learn more about your products. Knowledge is not limited to product knowledge. You must know your inventory, your policies and procedures, advertising and finance plans.  If you want to be great you should have this same knowledge of your competitors. If you are a professional salesperson you need to continue your sales education which includes reading books and now blogs on selling as well as attending seminars and now webinars on selling. Stay tuned for Gerry Morris’ new webinars.

Your Credibility- Your honesty and integrity form the fabric of your credibility. As Gerry Morris’ mother said, “either you’re honest or you’re not.” It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it. All your words and all your actions must be consistent with serving your customer in an open forthright and honest manner. Check out Gerry’s Blog here

Your Personality- Your personality is the great differentiator. No other salesperson or store can duplicate the experience that you can create for your customer.  Two of the top salespeople that I interviewed recently both said that no one could ever duplicate what they do because they are so unorthodox in their interactions with their customers. They both told me independently of each other that the turning point in their careers was when they started to have more fun with their customers. They laugh and joke with their customers. Instead of being friendly with their customers they actually become friends with their customers. Risk being yourself with your customers and you will find another dimension to selling. Not only will you make more money but you will actually have more fun!

Your Creativity- Top salespeople are great at problem solving. Your ability to imagine a better solution than what the customer thinks they have to settle for will not only help you to make the sale, but will help you create a loyal customer for life. Take your knowledge and use it to create a solution that the customer embraces and ultimately buys. If you are not naturally creative don’t despair. It can be learned. Ask for help with creative solutions from your teammates, managers, and sales reps. Never let a customer walk away without getting additional help. You owe that to your customer, your store, and yourself.

Your Perseverance- We have all heard that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither is your sales career. Your career is built day by day. It takes time to develop your skills and knowledge. Perseverance helps you to keep creatively offering solutions when the customer is telling you no. Perseverance allows you to keep trying when you feel like quitting. Nothing in this world that is significant was ever built without perseverance.

Your Follow Through- Your follow through should be an extension of your personality. Proper follow through will cement your new relationship with your customer. Sending Thank You cards is only the beginning. Calling your customer within 24 hours of their delivery to make sure they are happy with everything will make you more money than any other recommendation I could ever offer you. Your reward will be loyal customers that ask for you by name.

Action Step- Please post your comments on the Power of You or any questions.  I answer them all.  Check out my new video below. 

For more ideas or to share successes please call me at 419-560-3169.

Wishing You Success,

Pete Primeau

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  1. Pete says:

    “He who perseveres wins at last.” Or “he who perseveres is the last winner” Ancient Roman quotes.

    Perseverance was one of the Romans most important traits, if not the most important.

    Thanks Pete, excellent article.

    Jonathan DiPrinzio

    Vice President-Sales

    John V. Schultz Furniture and Mattresses

    7200 Peach St.Suite 300

    Erie Pa., 16509-4754

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Jonathan!

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