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Selling Furniture & Mattresses – Sell Like There is No Tomorrow!

Just a few weeks ago I saw something that made me scratch my head in amazement.  Carla closed almost every customer she worked with. I knew that she hated selling furniture. Why was she selling so well? What was her secret? I was hoping she was going to tell me it was the training that I gave her. After a few hours I couldn’t take it anymore. So I asked her. Her answer was not what I expected. She informed me with glee, “It’s my last day!” How could that be? Here are the keys to her success that last day.

Happy- She was so happy that she glowed! Her customers obviously bought into her positive energy. I’ve either been selling or observing retail salespeople selling for the past thirty years and what I’ve learned is that happy salespeople sell more!

Relaxed- Knowing that she was leaving and didn’t really have to be there changed her perspective. Have you ever worked with someone that was retired and only worked because they wanted to? Their calm manner is disarming to wary shoppers.

Fearless- I had noticed that at times she used to be tentative with customers. I remember encouraging her to be herself. Not today, she was fearless, she had nothing to lose. She didn’t worry about what her customers or managers thought. She let it all hang out. It was wonderful to watch her blossom as a salesperson right before my very eyes.

Creative- Offering creative solutions to their customers is one of the hallmarks of great retail salespeople. Creativity flourishes in a positive environment that is free from fear. She enjoyed that environment on her last day as she was happy and fearless. She closed sales on her last day with creative solutions that had eluded her in the past.

No Tomorrow- There literally was no tomorrow for her. There was no selling for the mythical be-back. She focused all her energy on closing the customer now because for her there was no tomorrow.

Action Step- Maybe we should all pretend that it’s our last day and see what happens? It doesn’t have to really be your last day to adopt Carla’s successful attitude. How do you stay motivated? Please share your wisdom with us! Your feedback is critical to this blog’s success. Please post your comments and questions. I answer them all. Please visit and Like us! Our like page has the latest breaking news in the industry as well as product information, inspiring videos, motivational quotes, and selling tips!

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  1. Pete Primeau says:

    I have had several people have their biggest day on their last day for all of the reasons you listed.

    Brian Pancost

  2. Pete Primeau says:

    I have seen that hundreds of times…the moment someone gives me their notice their sales soar. It is the “release” from the pressure and worries. Maybe a good title would be along the lines of ” Treat every up like it is your last one”? or ” Sell like it’s your last day”?
    Seems like a nice quick hit article…trick is getting salespeople to not only ready it but to think about it.

    Jerry Young

  3. Pete Primeau says:

    Another great article. Good job!

    Gerry Morris

  4. Pete Primeau says:

    A great article.
    I might add in the ‘Fearless’ paragraph that customers smell fear.It’s a scent that get’s in their nose.
    Look, people love to buy from the person that is the busiest.
    And what a great compliment to the seller when a customer says ‘ I know you are swamped but…….’
    I might try to include it somehow.

    What do I know? I’m from Tennessee, I barely speak English.

    Kenneth Tatum

  5. Pete Primeau says:


    So sorry, my computer was out for repair and I just picked it up. Your material (sales information) is superb. You hit a home run with this “Last Day” piece . Even an old guy like me can learn, never stop learning. I thought all your titles were effective. I don’t think my suggestion would have been as good, “Live everyday as it was your last.”

    As long as my computer is working I’m always here to lend a hand.

    Jim Bodino

  6. Pete Primeau says:

    This was interesting reading.
    I remember being on the selling floor one day, & developed laryngitis.
    It was one of the most productive evenings I ever had.
    I chose my words carefully & didn’t waste words.
    The customers listened very carefully to what I had to say.
    The lesson here is that if you show you care in truly helping the customer,
    It doesn’t matter if you’re at your best. The customer can perceive sincerity.
    They can also perceive insincerity.

    “What do you have to lose?”

    Kind regards,

    Ira M. Fishman

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