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Selling Furniture & Mattresses – I’m Hired, Now What?

In the past day I received two emails from two different new salespeople thanking me for their initial mattress training. They then asked me what they could do to be as productive as fast as possible. My answers included both short term and long term strategies and tactics. Here they are!

MentorModel yourself after a successful salesperson. Find someone to help guide you. If you’re lucky you will have more than one.

Perspective- Never forget the first time you shopped for mattresses. If you remember the emotions and thoughts you felt then you will have empathy for your customer. That empathy will help you to engage your customer in a meaningful way that will uncover their desired outcomes which is the first step in any selling process.

Basic Knowledge- Learning the terminology for mattresses is a great place to start. Also learning the sizes is imperative. Click here to learn more about the sizes The Better Sleep Council is a great source for unbiased non brand specific information. Your customers use it and you should too.

The Three Little Bears- “This one is too firm. This one is too soft. This one is just right!” Lay down on every mattress in your store and catalogue them in your mind from the softest to the firmest making special notes which mattresses have similar feels. Knowing how the mattresses feel in relation to each other is critical foundational knowledge for any salesperson. It enables you to direct the customer based on the feedback they give you.

Eliminate Confusion- One of the challenges we have when working with a retail customer is to narrow the selection based on good questions, comfort tests, and feedback from them. The easiest system is comfort selling. Click here to read more

Commitment- Top retail salespeople all have one thing in common. They are committed to their success. They view themselves as the president of their own sales company. Click here for my article

Shop Your Competitors- When a salesperson is new they should take advantage of their anonymity and shop their competitors before they get shopped. Shopping your competitors provides you with a wealth of information that will help you make more sales.

Action Step- Use all your down time productively. Please post your suggestions to help a new retail salesperson get a fast start. If you have questions please send me an email or post them. I answer them all.

Wishing You Success,

Pete Primeau

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  1. Pete Primeau says:

    Patrick George wrote:

    Pete, nice job on the article! I read it, good stuff for any salesperson!

  2. Alan Barnett says:

    Hope all is well. I continue to enjoy your ezines, and thoughtful discussions on the subject of furniture and mattress sales. I have been hitting my numbers, (mattress sales, furniture sales) over the past 10 weeks. I know I am missing opportunities, but that is all part of the learning curve. I do try to close that gap by diligently working the phones, closely following up with customers, and keeping a steady stream of existing customers, and potential customers aware of R-F closeouts, and, as As-Is merchandise. There is continual dialogue between myself, sales managers, and senior sales associates to always improve my game. On numerous occasions, I will listen in on some top producers as they interact with the customer. They exhibit in a non-threatening way, an air of confidence. It seems it is how they say things, not necessarily what they are saying, that captivates the customer. There is little doubt or hesitation in their approach with the customer. They overcome objections effortlessly, as if it a sixth sense. They are informative, but never bore the customer with details. I continue to look forward to the day when I cross that threshold, and can embark on new ones. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Pete Primeau says:

    Hi Pete,
    Your article here easily applies to any field or industry where sales is the keystone to company’s success or failure. Naturally this responsibility falls mainly on a company’s sales force. It is important for new hires to realize it’s not all about product. You are not only selling yourself but, you are selling the company you’re working with / for… During your sales presentation, it is very important to establish your company as the right place to do business. There is a reason that customer is there. Ask questions. Establish yourself as a consultant, and as a person who genuinely cares. The selling part of your job will come easier.

    Bill Cooperstein

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