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Selling Furniture & Mattresses- How You Can Double Your Sales By Acting Like A Five Year Old!

My five year old amazed me recently with her bulldog tenacity. She was told no in no uncertain terms but she persisted to ask again and again. She brushed aside my objections and she restated what she wanted and why. My no was nothing to her but something to navigate around or simply bowl over. She never quit. I started to ask myself how often do I hear a no and keep on selling? How much would I sell if I had her determination? Could it be that at five years old she has mastered three important selling attributes? Are we born naturally great salespeople and then we are conditioned not to be? Will she grow up to be a great salesperson? I have been fortunate to work with some of the best salespeople in our industry. While they are all individuals who use customized techniques to maximize their sales, they all agree these three attributes are vital to selling success.

Determination- Great salespeople have high levels of determination. I really don’t know why some people have more determination than others. I know that great salespeople ask for the sale not once or twice but as many times as it takes. That takes determination.

Commitment- Great salespeople are committed to themselves, to their customers, and to the companies they represent. It shows in everything they do. They treat their customers, teammates, and management team with respect, courtesy, and dignity. It takes high levels of determination to mold their intentions into commitment.

Persistence- All great salespeople agree that persistence is necessary to be successful long term. Customers will say no especially when they don’t understand. It is incumbent on the professional salesperson to dig deep to help the customer fully understand. Persistence is the child of determination and commitment. The great salespeople who routinely persist past where other salespeople give up find true satisfaction in serving their customers well. When I ask the top salespeople, “How many times do you ask for the sale before giving up?” I almost always hear this, “If I believe that I have the right solution for the customer, I never give up!” That is persistence!

Thank you to Brian Pancost and my daughter for the inspiration for this article! Brian correctly pointed out to me last week that the biggest mistake salespeople make is not asking for the sale!

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  1. Steve Pugh says:

    I am new to selling mattresses and am thrilled to have discovered your site.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Steve! If there are questions that I can answer for you please do not hesitate to call me at 419-560-3169. Have A Great Weekend!

  2. Byron H. says:

    Great article! I have used these techniques myself and have been very successful.

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