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Selling Furniture & Mattresses – Do This To Increase Your Mattress Sales!

Here is one thing you can do to increase your sales dramatically. Boost your sales with a comfort test! A well designed comfort test helps you engage the customer while you fully discover their needs and gain valuable feedback from them. Here are some components of a successful comfort test.

Tell Them Why- Explain to your customer that no two people are exactly alike. Everyone has a different idea of comfort. The needs, desires, and preferences of customers are as individual as their fingerprints. No two are exactly the same. I often tell my customers that trying a mattress is like trying on a pair of shoes. Everyone has a different comfort preference. I then continue with, “Let me show you how to test a mattress to make sure it’s right for you.”

Lay Down First- I then lay down on a mattress. It’s usually one of the better beds on the floor but not necessarily the most expensive mattress in the store. Your management will give you direction on where you need to start. When I lay down I tell my customers, “Some of my customers lay down flat on their backs when they try the mattress in the store but when they sleep at night they really sleep on their side or their stomach. Only to find out they purchased the wrong mattress.” Some sales trainers disagree with me on this point. They protest that I am introducing fear into the sale and that fear could cause the customer to hesitate or not buy. Our job is to help our customers choose the right mattress for them.  Addressing the customer’s fear of making a mistake actually facilitates the sale. 

Choose Test Beds- A comfort test involves giving the customer choices of mattresses to try. In traditional comfort selling it’s a choice between two beds. Click here for my article on comfort selling Some stores use up to four or five test beds depending on their selection and their system of selling. If there is any confusion as to where to start please discuss with your sales manager ASAP.

Re-assure Them-  I then continue with, “Please take the time to try the different mattresses the way you sleep. That way you will be sure to get the right mattress for you.” Encourage the customer to take their time. I often walk away letting them know I’m available at any time to answer questions but I don’t hover over them. Every customer wants and needs a different amount of attention. A customer who has just arrived in your store might want some space versus a customer who has spent some time in the store and now has some questions. It is critical to your success to give the customer enough attention without making them feel smothered.

Ask For Feedback- When asking for feedback I try to ask questions that create more engagement than questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. One of my favorites is, “Tell me how this bed feels compared to the last bed?” Here are some other questions that top retail salespeople use. How does that feel? If you could wave a magic wand would you make this bed firmer or softer? When you hear the words I wouldn’t change a thing, start writing the sale up.

Action Step- One of my largest dealer’s best salesperson asks this question of his customers, “When you wake up in the morning, what position do you find yourself in? On your side, stomach, or back?” The answer to this question helps him coach his customer to try that position while testing mattresses. What are your favorite questions? Please post your questions and comments. I answer them all.

Wishing You Success,

Pete Primeau

A Must Read…

How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors: Winning Every Sale at Full Price, Rate, or Fee by LawrenceSteinmetz PHD and William T Brooks

This book was recommended to me by my friend Drew Reichart. It is a must read for every retail salesperson anywhere. I would also highly recommend this book to all my fellow reps as it will help them be a more effective trainer. I give this book my elusive 5 star rating.

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