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Sell This Not That In Furniture & Mattress Stores

When selling in furniture & mattress stores there are three basic things you can sell. They are the brands you carry, the store itself, and you. All three should be addressed with the customer when possible. A balanced approach will always yield the best result. If you could only sell one and not the others I recommend selling yourself. People do not buy things, they ultimately buy you. Your honesty and your credibility usually make or break any meaningful sale. Watch the below videos that are embedded. They will help you make more sales! Enjoy!

Your Brands- I encourage you to learn everything you can about your products. Study your products, sit on them, lay on them, turn them over, and learn everything you can through your power of observation. Ask the best salesperson in your store any questions that you might have. Visit the factories if that is a possibility. Make sure you work with your factory representatives to learn every thing you can about your products. I love working with my retail salespeople. It is my favorite part of my job! Become an expert on the products that you sell. Most importantly focus on the benefits the product features offer your customers. If you focus too much on the product, your customer can buy the product from any store and that will not benefit you or your store!

Your Store- It is fundamental to your success to understand your company’s policies and procedures. Understanding all the benefits that your customers will enjoy as a result of purchasing from your store is a prerequisite to your ability to communicate them to your customer. Your store’s reputation is part of your value proposition to the customer. Your stores ability to deliver quickly could be the key to winning the sale. Everyday in America sales are made or lost because of timely delivery. Years ago we used to pride ourselves in being able to make the sale even when we were out of stock and the customer was sold on waiting. News Flash! Customers today are more impatient than twenty years ago. If you focus too much on the store, your customers can buy from any salesperson in the store and that will not benefit you!

You- You are the difference. If you cannot sell you, you cannot sell your store or your product. It is your personality, positive attitude, passion, and ability that engage the customer when they visit your store. It is your ability to listen and problem solve that creates the custom solution that your customer needs and wants. It is your creativity and persistence that closes the sale. It is your thoughtfulness and attention to detail that follows up with your customer that earns you a customer for life. Customers in the end either buy you or they don’t. When you sell you, it is the one most unique differentiator. When you sell you, the customer gets a great product, a great store, and a fantastic salesperson. If you can only sell one thing, sell you!

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