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Retail Furniture & Mattress Stores – Why Your Advertising Isn’t Working

This will be my shortest blog ever. The reason most retail advertising doesn’t work is because most retailers copy other retailers whose advertising doesn’t work. Let that sink in for a while. I recommend that you re-read it. Have you have read that sentence twice? Now tell your mind to stop defending what you are currently doing.

In my thirty years in this industry I have watched numerous retailers copy other so called successful retailers right up to the point where they lock their doors forever! I can hear it now, “So Pete what are we supposed to do?” Don’t change a thing right now. But start measuring your advertising. There are a few ways to do this. After you have some data, evaluate it and start to make adjustments based on those facts.

In my next blog I will go into several ways to measure your advertising results. Stay tuned!

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  1. Chris Bakunas says:

    That’s a mighty big elephant to be kicking Steve – bandwagon advertising is just about sacred!

  2. Pete Primeau says:

    I know Chris! Thanks for your comment. Stay tuned for more!


  3. Marina Klima says:

    It is true that people copy other people thinking that this is th”right thing to do”. But original, and always always first instinct is always right, so go with your guts feeling about ads as well. Good point, Pete

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