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Retail Furniture & Mattress Stores – The 3 Pillars of Marketing

In my last blog I promised to define the three pillars for successful marketing. Each one must be addressed effectively or your business cannot thrive unless you are the luckiest person on the planet. This will be our foundation to analyze our marketing and advertising. They are message, market, and media. They form a triangle where each pillar is equally important to the others. The success of any campaign is dependent on addressing each area thoroughly. If we short change one the other two will fall.

The Right Message- Customers buy for their reasons not our reasons. We all know that but sometimes when we advertise we only scream sale and price for good reason. They traditionally work well and are simple to execute. We need to really dig and offer the customer other reasons to come into our stores. Consumer research tells us that selection, service, and financing terms that are attractive are also good reasons to shop our stores. Trusted name brands and the store’s reputation for service are also reasons to shop your store. Experts to help the customer guide their way through a myriad of product choices to find the right solution can also be a good reason for customers to shop your store and to keep coming back again and again. Here is the $64,000 question. When you look at your advertisement and your competitor’s ask this question, ”If I were a customer which store would I shop?” and “Why?” If you chose your competitor’s ad ask yourself, “What do I need to change to make my ad and my store the better choice for my targeted consumer?”

Remember the success that Tempur-Pedic has enjoyed by focusing on its consumer’s desired outcomes instead of just price. We will dig deeper into this in future articles.

The Right Market- Who is your targeted market? We cannot be all things to all people. Defining your market will help to determine the message and to some extent the media that you chose. A question to clarify our thoughts on this is, “What choices do my target market have to solve the same problems that My Store solves for them?” and, “Why is my store the best choice for them?” More on this in future articles as well.

The Right Media- Once we understands our target market and have defined our message we can start to consider the media that will deliver the message in a cost effective manner. There are many choices and they are beyond the scope of this article to explore in depth. Traditional advertising on television, radio and in newspapers can work in certain markets with the right message and the right target market. But today there are many more choices than just a few years ago.

Direct mail isn’t new but in a future article, we will approach it in a new way that is more effective with today’s customers. Do you have a Sign program? Do you have a Facebook Like Page that promotes your business and builds your customer list? Have you started an email campaign with your list? Do you use twitter to generate traffic? How about YouTube?  Is your head spinning? Have you tried Craig’s List? All of the above can be viable or a complete waste of time and money. Stay tuned for more as we delve into all of this and more!

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  1. Marina Klima says:

    Great article, Pete. I agree that the knowledge of the market is the key. Even within the same store targeted to a specific demographics, it should be all kinds of sales people. When I worked retail, I very often switched prospects and leads with a person I knew would handle that particular client better to close the sale. It always works.

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