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Retail Furniture & Mattress Stores – Are You In The Right Market?

Who is your targeted market? We cannot be all things to all people. Defining your market will help to determine the message and to some extent the media that you choose. A question to clarify our thoughts on this is, “What choices does my target market have to solve the same problems that my store solves for them and why is my store the best choice for them?”

The best question to ask is, “What real need do customers have that aren’t being met?” The answer could be the beginning of determining what market and along with it what message would be a viable business opportunity. Too often owners of furniture and mattress stores just fill their stores with product that they like instead of understanding the market they are servicing and providing what that market really wants.

Your target market may not want a new product or a new service, what they might want is a new process. Successful businesses have been created by changing the consumer’s experience in the store. Look no further than Stew Leonard’s Dairy or Nordstrom. Is there a market that you could serve with a new sales, advertising, or shopping process?

The great marketing guru Gary Halbert used to ask his audiences, “If you were going to open a new hamburger stand in town, and you could have any one asset or advantage, what is the one thing you would want most?” Many would answer the best location, the best meat, the best advertising, and the list would go on. Gary’s answer was a starving crowd! What are your customers starving for?

A client of Dan Kennedy was dissatisfied with his direct mail campaign for his carpet cleaning business. So Dan drove the target list at dinner time with his client to find that 70% of the people on his mailing list were tenants and not home owners. The houses were not well kept as one might expect. By targeting home owners who took pride in their home’s appearance, the same ad campaign was ten times more effective. While it might sound primitive to drive around in a car looking at the homes of your customers, when is the last time you have done that?

What’s Next- Stay tuned for a series of articles on the right media for furniture and mattress stores.

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