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Retail Furniture & Mattress Stores – 3 Ways to Measure Your Advertising!

In my previous blog I promised you several ways to measure your advertising so you can begin to find the right advertising for your store. I will start with the most basic measurement of all. You need a calendar and your advertising schedule. Simply plot your daily volume and your ads on the calendar looking for cause and effect. This is extremely simple but of all the measurement methods this one is the most direct. Either there is a direct and measurable impact on volume or there isn’t.

The second way to measure is to craft a unique offer that is tied to a specific media so you know where the retail customer came from. You might offer a free this in one media and a free that in another media. This will help you to determine what specific ad or media is pulling for you.

The third way is to have your salespeople or office people ask after the sale is consummated, “How did you hear about our store?” This is the least reliable of the methods. I even had the different types of media including customer referral and previous customer listed on my invoices as a checklist in the old days before computers were used to write up sales.

I recommend using all three. You must track this information and use it to help determine what ads and what media is pulling. Your ability to effectively change your advertising over time to use your advertising dollars as efficiently as possible will determine whether you make a profit or not. In my next article I will define the three pillars of marketing. This will lay the foundation for the rest of our marketing and advertising efforts.

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