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Questions That Reveal Your Customer’s Needs

In the previous article we discussed the keys to needs analysis. Item #4 was to ask open ended questions. I promised an article with some open ended questions that top furniture and mattress salespeople use to reveal their customer’s true needs and wants. Please go to my website at to add your favorite open ended questions.

It is always a great idea to ask:

Why? If you ask this question with kindness and concern the customer will reveal their true needs. If you ask this question as if you are an interrogator you will alienate the customer.

How did you sleep last night? Gerry Morris wrote a great article on this question a few years ago. Please visit his website at

Who will be sleeping on it?

How soon do you need it?

How do you feel about shopping for a new mattress?

How did you decide where to shop?

What kind of research did you do prior to shopping?

How will it be used?

Where will it be used?

What don’t you like about your current product?

What do you like about your current product?

What have you seen that you really like?

What did you like about it?

How much were they asking for the set?

Where do you live?

Tell me about your room

Tell me about your budget

How are we bringing the furniture into the room? This is also a trial close.

Action Step- Write down your best questions that help determine your customer’s needs. Ask the best retail salesperson you know their favorite questions to ask a customer. I know I still owe you videos from last week. I will send you an email when I post them. Please post your favorite questions under this article at

Wishing You Success,

Pete Primeau, Jonathan DiPrinzio, and Gerry Morris

PS Jonathan wrote 70% of this article, Gerry wrote 29%, and I wrote about 1%.



I am a designer. I work at a large furniture store and I am ready to quit! I thought I would be the top salesperson because of my background and expertise. I watch the top salespeople put together sub standard room designs if you can even call them that yet the customers buy more from them than from me. The customers and top salespeople both do not know what they are doing. What do I need to do to become the best salesperson?




The most important thing that you can do is to use this energy in a positive way. Try to really listen to your customer. Fight the urge to teach them about interior design. Most of your customers do not want to know. Most customers are comfortable with a monochromatic design. And I would bet money that you are not. Remember you are helping them with their home not yours! Your education in interior design is a huge advantage to help you design beautiful rooms for your customer. Watch what the top salespeople do and don’t do. Concentrate on improving your sales and your follow up. Good luck and good selling!



“Nobody who ever gave his best ever regretted it”

Legendary Football Coach & Owner George Halas

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  1. Alan Barnett says:

    Am relatively new to furniture sales, appx 5 months. When selling bedding, i always ask the customer, what do you do for a living? I do this for 2 reasons. First, a person’s livlihood may tie into a certain type of sleep system they might need. Secondly, it opens the door as a conversation piece. The fact is, sleep and work comprise appx 75% of our lives. The two tie in nicely together.

  2. Pete says:

    Thank you for your post. You are learning fast! Keep up the good work.
    Wishing You Success,

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