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New Laws! New Opportunities!

Back at the end of 2010, New York City enacted new laws regarding the disposal of mattresses and box springs.  Basically, these new regulations require that these products must be fully encased in a sealed plastic bag before disposing of them.  The reason for these new rules, according to the Department of Sanitation, is fairly straightforward: to prevent an increase in bedbug activity.

In a press release, Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty said, “With this new rule, we are safeguarding our workers and helping to mitigate the spread of bed bugs. We also suggest that the plastic bags be placed around the bedding before removing from rooms and bringing it out to the curb to further limit bed bugs from infesting other parts of the home or apartment.”

Interestingly, I recently provided some training on how to install mattress encasements to the delivery team for one of our dealers.  I was shocked to learn that, despite the fact that they’re in one of Terminix’s “Top 15 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities”, they had no knowledge how to identify signs of possible infestations or how to handle mattresses or box springs that might be infested.  Which brings up an interesting question: Are your delivery personnel prepared to deal with this issue?

By the way, in the first three months the new regulations were in effect in New York, 4,345 people received $100 citations for failing to comply. These new laws are being adapted quickly throughout the country. When these new laws come to your area you will have another opportunity to profit by serving your customers. Protect A Bed offers bags that your customers can purchase from you so they can comply with the new disposal laws. The bags are zippered and provide the required labeling requirements.

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Chris Taylor

Director of Sales – Furniture Retail

Protect A Bed

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