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Mattress Protection Checklist

The below checklist is based on my past ten years of experience working with hundreds of retailers. When I first started with Protect-A-Bed they had only one product. We now have many products at various price points with different attributes, so the customer is able to select the protection that she needs and wants. We have found that closing rates go up and so does customer satisfaction when multiple products are offered. Additionally store profits increase when the customer is offered multiple choices of protection products. Here is what we have learned over the years from the best retailers of mattress protection. They are in question format so at the end of the checklist you will have an action plan to increase your business.

  • Do you merchandise a good, better, and best protector?
  • Do you merchandise a better and best encasement?
  • Do you merchandise kits?
  • Do you prominently display protectors starting at your door?
  • Is your display strong enough to tell your RSAs and customers that the mattress protection category is important?
  • Do your salespeople show protectors to every customer every time?
  • Do you train your salespeople continuously on mattress protection?
  • Do you tie your comfort guarantee to buying a protector?
  • Do you train your salespeople to sell based on health and not strictly protecting the warranty of the bed? This is the key to selling multiple
  • What gets measured gets improved. Do you measure attachment rates and dollars sold every month with your RSAs?
  • Are the attachment rate and dollars sold every month reviewed with your RSA by your management team?
  • Is the RSA’s compensation or bonuses linked to their attachment rate on protectors?
  • Do your RSAs understand that mattress protection is not an add-on?
  • Do your salespeople mention protection early and often?
  • Is your compensation on protectors linked to profitability?
  • Is your compensation on protectors significant enough to make the RSA highly motivated to sell mattress protection?
  • Are your RSAs all using your mattress protection on their beds at home?
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