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Lost Presentation Secrets for Furniture & Mattress Sales

If the greeting, needs analysis, and selection steps are properly executed the presentation should easily result in a sale. The actual selling starts with the presentation. No amount of presentation skill will make up for a deficient greeting, needs analysis, or selection step. Here are some of the techniques that top furniture and mattress salespeople use to make successful presentations. 

Present Third – This actually belongs to the selection step but is so important that I decided to repeat it again here. You should show two other items that are less desirable based on your knowledge of what the customer needs and wants. Usually it is best if the other two items are more expensive than the item you have identified as the best solution.

The Better Deal – This is an extension of present third. All solutions are relative to other possible solutions. When you present the ideal choice third after two more expensive solutions it becomes a better value in the mind of your customer.

The Product is Your Script – Start with features and benefits that are easily seen. Then show “the rest of the story” that they can’t see. This is where you separate yourself from the competition.

Focus on Benefits – Customers do not buy features. They buy for the benefits that those features offer them. Your presentation should focus on the benefits your customer receives when she purchases your product. Always offer the benefits first then explain the feature. The customer will be more likely to listen to you when you open with what is in it for her.

Tailor the Benefits – Because you asked the right questions earlier in the sale you know her likes and dislikes so you can tailor your benefit presentation to only the one or two benefits that are important to her.

Don’t go Rabbit Hunting with a Shotgun – You might shoot the rabbit but there is nothing left. Do not overload your customers with too many benefits. You should never need more than three benefit stories. Using one benefit story that is relevant to your customer will be much more effective than numerous benefit stories that don’t hit the mark. I will post on my website a reprint from 1940 an article about selling upholstery. Its advice is as relevant now as it was then. Thanks to Jonathan DiPrinzio for the article.

The Lost Secret – Prior to explaining the benefit establish eye contact and tell the customer what benefits she will enjoy then use the directional force of your eyes to direct your customer to the feature you are speaking about. Always give the benefit first.  Thank You to Jonathan DiPrinzio.

Confirm – After a benefit is explained you must confirm that the customer understands it. I like “Does that make sense?” Use your own words.  Do not go any further till you are sure she understands. Some sales trainers call these tie downs.

Lets get Physical – Nothing is more effective than a presentation that gets your customer physically involved with the product. Have you ever pulled a chest of drawers open without touching the handles? If the drawers are easy to open, you can pull the top of the chest towards you and the drawers will open. This presentation will close the sale as long as they like the style, color, and price. If you show the customer how to test a mattress by laying down on it, you greatly increase the chances of closing the sale. As long as she follows your lead and begins to test the mattresses.

Action Step – Discover new and creative ways to get your customer physically involved in the presentation. Watch the best salesperson in your store to learn new presentation techniques. Go to my website and share your best presentation techniques. 

Tune in next week for the single best question you will ever ask your customer that is shopping for a mattress.

Wishing You Success,


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  1. ty says:

    Excellent, I can use this to better my team. Thank you, this will get those buried thoughts in their minds to the frontal lobes. Continued success, thx ty

  2. Douglas says:

    This is very helpful ” Customers do not buy features. They buy for the benefits that those features offer them.”

    Explaining Benefits then having the customer verbly agree is always the best route.

  3. Paul Lilley says:

    Yes I agree selling benefits are important but we all say those words and ignore sometimes what that can be. I other words let me ask everyone this. When someone walks in and you discover they have sleep apnea what do you really know about that condition? Do you know 2 out of 3 people with it if left untreated will probably have a heart attack or stroke in their life from it? From this learning why is the next step and then looking at the features a mattress has and applying them to that condition is how you personalize the presentation. This may be a little deep here but learn about the problems and conditions people face physically and reverse engineer a mattress for them.

    Here is a bread crumb, padding on a mattress is pressure relieving material. We all know that right? Lets go a step further, what type of padding and how much is on that mattress set will determine comfort life. Next level, if someone is bed fast and we use deeper padding under them we increase circulation to the skin touching the mattress they are on. This in turn reduces how fast the person needs moved to reduce the chance of bed sores. So even though a customer is not “bed fast”, what ever parts of their body are touching the mattress has better circulation longer if the pressure relieving materials are of a higher quality and deeper in depth. this in turn gives the bed a better comfort life. Right?

    If the client in front of you has circulation issues such as blood pressure problems, previous heart attacks etc., how would you present a higher grade of mattress to them and their physical issues? How would you find out those issues? When would you find out those issues? Last but not least, how do you find out if these issues are even important to those customers? There is the question. Have a great selling day.

    • Pete Primeau says:

      Paul thanks for your comment. It sounds like you want to get into needs analysis. There are plenty of articles on this website that address asking questions, qualifying, and needs analysis. Let’s continue the conversation over there. I checked your website. I saw some good articles over there. Good job!

      Wishing You Success!

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