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King’s Furniture – A Company With A Big Heart!

I was shocked to hear that my friend Mike Hamrick died this past Sunday suddenly of a heart attack. He was only 55. I started thinking about Mike. He had a great way with people. He was the most authentic salesperson I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He was a joy to be around always joking with co-workers, reps, and customers.

I was shocked when I heard that Mike wasn’t going to have a proper burial, but even more shocked when Tony at King’s Furniture told me that they had made a decision to plan and pay for Mike’s funeral. I commended Tony for such a selfless act with the comment, “I have been in the furniture and mattress business for 31 going on 32 years and I have never heard of an employer paying the funeral expenses of an employee.” Tony simply shrugged off the compliment saying, “Mike worked for us for almost twenty years. He wasn’t an employee. He was part of our family. When we found out he wasn’t going to have a funeral, we had to step in. After working for us for almost twenty years, it was the least we could do.”

In a world that at times has seemed to have lost its way. It is refreshing to see a company who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk. Too many companies incorrectly use the expression that “we are family” and then fall short of that ideal with their behavior. King’s Furniture & Mattress showed us the way with their actions not with their words. They are a company with a Big Heart! May they be blessed with customers and employees that are as loyal to them as they were to Mike in his life and in his death. God Bless King’s!

Wishing You Success,


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