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Joe’s Deli – How to Create Loyal Customers

Joe's DeliMy favorite restaurant is Joe’s Deli. Do they have the lowest prices? No. Do they serve the finest gourmet food I’ve ever eaten? No. So what’s their secret? And what does that have to do with my furniture or mattress store?

I love Joe’s because the service is great, the food is great, and the value is tremendous. I am not the only one who feels this way. In an effort to avoid Joe’s waiting line I have tried to eat there between 2PM and 4PM. No luck, there are still lines. They are currently building a much larger restaurant to better serve their loyal customers. I asked my wife Jenny why she loves Joe’s. She summed it up succinctly, “good people and great food”

Do your customers consider you the best? Are you their favorite? What can you do today to become the Joe’s Deli of the mattress or furniture industry? While many restaurants are closing down Joe’s is expanding to better serve their band of loyal customers. What is their secret? Their secret is great service, great food, and tremendous value. What can you do today to improve your service, quality, and value?

They don’t have satisfied customers. They have loyal customers. They love their customers and their customers love them. Do you love your customers? How loyal are their customers? Well one of their loyal customers just wrote an article about them.

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