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Golden Nuggets!

A place where retailers can share ideas! Randy owns a store in Ohio and sells as a percentage of his total more high end beds than any dealer I know. His advice is pure gold. I want him to develop this into a series of articles that I will publish for him right here. The best advice always comes from our retailers.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for keeping me in the loop with your ezine.

I was reading the article from Gerry Morris and thought to myself… we in the mattress industry are missing the target for the best bed for the customer.

Retailers have a hard time figuring out what is really important to the customer while they are in the selling process. We always talk about getting a better mattress. I have found out there is something missing with this focus.

When I talk to customers about a new mattress I ask them to place themselves in one of three categories.

1) I want a new mattress.

2) I want a better night’s sleep.

3) I want to wake up every morning feeling mentally refreshed, physically rested and pain free.

Most customers come in for a new mattress and easily upgrade themselves to a better nights sleep. The bedding industry has stopped at the second offering. Very few sales people have figured out the third. The third option is the one that will drive the bedding industry to new heights. The stores that learn to sell the third category will excel in the sleep industry. Fortunately for me, no-one has figured it out but Tempur-Pedic and Serta are coming close.

Randy Thompson

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