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Giant Mountain & Your Sales Success

I recently took a vacation in upstate New York where I grew up. I was able to spend some time with my brother Mike fishing and hiking. A week before the vacation I asked Mike if I could go hiking with him. He said sure and asked me if I wanted to go up a little mountain or a big one. I excitedly proclaimed a big one. He asked me if I had been hiking on a regular basis, my answer was no. He then asked, “Are you sure you want to climb a big mountain?” “Yes” I exclaimed. As you can see I made it up Giant which is 3050 feet high and a six mile round trip up and down. But I almost did not make it down. Here is what I could have done differently that would have made the climb easier and faster with less drama. The same lessons will help you climb easier, faster, and with less drama in your quest for sales success.

Mentor- If I would have listened to my mentor I would have prepared more and hydrated better. Mike asked me, “Are you sure you have enough water?” Of course I did not but I thought I was good until I started cramping when I was almost to the top.  Are you listening to your mentor? Or are you gravitating to what is comfortable to you?  

Preparation- I should have climbed several smaller mountains over a period of weeks instead of just plowing into a big mountain. If nothing else I should have increased my aerobic work for at least a month before attempting Giant. I should have given myself more time to prepare. I should have been more diligent in my preparation. I know you want instant success. We all do! Be patient with yourself while you are on your journey. Anything that is lasting and worthwhile takes time. Develop a game plan and stick to it.

Determination- When my hamstrings started cramping on the way up it took determination to push through the pain to make it to the top. I had a horrifying thought after I enjoyed a brief moment of celebration at the top, “Now I have to climb down 3050 feet that is three miles long and I am almost out of water and I am cramping.” The affirmation that I used to get down the mountain was this, “With every step I take I am one step closer to the water!” I was doing great until my calves and quads started cramping too. My hamstrings never stopped cramping. So I was walking like Frankenstein’s monster. I knew I was in big trouble because I was only halfway down. Probably a half a dozen people asked me if I was ok on my way down, which confirmed my suspicion that I was in trouble. I finally made it down. The whole adventure took around six hours. Needless to say I was in pain for three days. My brother went climbing a day later without me. Giant was a small hill to him but a big mountain to me! My determination helped me to get down the mountain. I needed a lot more determination because I did not prepare properly and I did not listen to my mentor. Determination will always be needed to achieve anything of consequence. If you prepare well and listen to your mentor you can have great success without as much determination. Or you can just gut it out like I did (not recommended). The choice is yours!

To see all the pictures of Giant Mountain and my brother Mike please go to Please do me a favor and Like my page while you are there. Thank You!

Wishing You Success,


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