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Episode 020 Interview With Julia Rosien How To Handle Negative Online Reviews

Doug Stewart and I interview communications and social media expert Julia Rosien who is the Brand Engineer for Restonic. She discusses the importance of online reviews not just for the referral value which is enormous but for SEO value as well.

Julia stresses the importance of RSAs using their positive online reviews as a tool to close more sales. She also observes that very few RSAs ask their customers for online reviews. She then helps us to understand that not all negative online reviews are actually all negative. There is massive SEO value to all reviews whether they are positive or negative. If it is negative we should view this as an opportunity to correct the problem and potentially create a raving fan.

Julia shares her secret sauce for handling a negative review into a positive. The first step is to say “Thank You.” The second step is to say “I’m Sorry.” The third and final step is to take it offline. It cannot and must not be solved online. Get on the phone with the customer and solve the problem. One of my dealers volunteered his cell phone online and asked the customer to call him. After he solved the problem he asked the customer to go back online and post online that they were now happy. Julia points out that a customer who comes back online and gives a great review after a complaint can be extremely powerful.

I apologize for my air conditioning kicking on. I can’t edit it out because I recorded it in garageband. The conversation between Doug and Julia was so powerful that I didn’t want you to miss a second of it. She encourages all retailers to follow up with correspondence to the customer by email within thirty days of purchase to make sure that they are happy. Customers that receive this kind of extra attention are much more inclined to give a positive online review.

We all had so much fun and there is quite a bit more to this interview than what I’ve posted here. She also tells us which review sites we should all ignore. Just click on the player above to hear the entire interview. Don’t Miss it! If you want to contact Julia for more great tips and advice you can contact her at Twitter @JuliaRosien. Thanks Julia for sharing your wisdom with us!

Wishing You Success,

Pete & Doug

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