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Episode 022 Doug Interviews Pete on his book “Sell A Million”

Doug Stewart interviews me about my new book “Sell A Million” which despite its title is not a sales book but rather a marketing book written for furniture and mattress stores, but it’s principles and techniques could be applied to any business.

Doug points out that the book is a philosophy book as much as a marketing book in that it has my philosophy of doing the right thing written into every chapter. There are over 101 tips to help furniture and mattress store owners to sell another million dollars or more this year. Doug asks me why I wrote the book and what one thing, if a store was only going to do one, they should do. As always Doug and I have lots of laughs.

I mentioned Doug, Jeff Giagnocavo, and Simon Aronowitz as people whom have had an influence on this book. The best way to order the book “Sell A Million” is to click here

Sell A Million!


Sell A Million Book Cover

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  1. Mindy Whited says:

    I was lucky enough to actually get a signed copy of this book! One of the things I love about this book is the way it is broke down into short, easy to read sections. Like most business owners, I am very busy juggling life and work so I don’t always have time to sit and read a whole book. With Pete’s book I can easily read one or 2 Chapters (Tips) in 10-15 minutes and still get a LOT of VALUABLE information and tips. I love being able to check off each Tip once I’ve started implementing those ideas and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something Great! Thank you Pete for such a great book!

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