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Episode 019 Interview With The Giver Doug Stewart – Customer Expectations

Doug Stewart describes customer’s expectations about quality and price. Allowing your customer to leave your store with a low price and an unrealistically high expectation of product performance is sales malpractice. I share an example of selling straight to eliminate unrealistic consumer expectations from my own experience.

Appropriate expectations are the key to creating value and selling responsibly.

Doug shares a story about his Grandfather teaching him how to buy for their furniture store. Selling an item for $2 that you bought for $1 is customary in most retail furniture businesses. Doug was taught by his grandfather that value is selling an item for $2 that your customer would be willing to give you $3 for.

Never sell anyone anything. Help them to sell themselves. Give customer ownership of their decision. If a customer picks an item that is not the right product for them, Doug suggests asking them this question, “Is price more important than quality?” If they say yes then write it up. Asking them that question fulfills your obligation to sell responsibly. If they say no then further educate them about what the product will and won’t do.

Doug asks, “What do you call a person who makes a decision for another person without their consent?” When you decide not to show your best products, furniture protection, and mattress protection to a consumer, you are taking away their right to make their own decision. Treat every customer as if they can buy your best products and let them decide for themselves. Plus much more.

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