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Episode 017 Interview With The Giver Doug Stewart – Qualifying

I interview my co-host Doug Stewart about Qualifying. There was a lively discussion in our private Facebook Group No BS Sales School For Furniture & Mattress Salespeople. Anyone who sells furniture or mattresses in a retail store is invited to join our group. There are no civilians only our industry people. There are a few honorary members who are experts in marketing or advertising as well.

If You Want To Qualify Better… Listen To This Interview!

The stars of the show are members of our group who contributed to the discussion and offered great ideas to help RSAs qualify better. Without the comments of Charlie Lloyd, Dan Sowder, Rick Alexander, and Kelly Hall this podcast would never have happened. Thank You guys for your insights.

Three Words & An Idea To Help You Qualify Like A Sales Champion

After I go on a rant Doug jots down some notes since I won’t let him speak. He comes up with three words and an idea that will jump start your qualifying. After Doug shares those concepts with me I share my experience with the two best retail sales professionals I’ve met. Even though they were very different stylistically when I apply Doug’s three words and an idea it explains what made them great. Don’t miss this!

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Wishing You Success!


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  1. Nat Bernstein says:

    ‘Why are you looking for a new mattress’ is a smart question to get your customer to start talking. Our goal should be to get the customer to do the talking and we do the listening.

    Thanks Doug and Pete!

  2. Pete Primeau says:

    Thanks Nat! That means a lot coming from you!

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