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Today’s post is a guest article from Keith Castonguay.  Keith has experience in retail sales,  retail sales management as well as the buying end of the furniture industry.

“A customer may not always remember what you said. They will not always remember what you did. But they will always remember how you made them feel.”

The best way to enlist a better attitude is to forget about selling anybody anything (FOR JUST A MOMENT), and rather focus on giving of yourself. Change the emotional state of someone by doing or saying something to make them feel better about themselves.

This will not only help you with your current customer, it will set the right attitude for you going forward to each person that you encounter.

What you put out is what you will receive.

How many times have you had that great connection with a customer and it set the right mood for the rest of the day. How about the customer that was very ornery or rude and somehow it all turned around?

Turning it around didn’t just randomly occur. Somewhere in the exchange, the customer made a conscious decision to work with you rather than against you. Because of something you did or said, or how you did it or said it, the light came on and the connection was made.

Ever meet someone and initially think “this person is annoying” or this person is a jerk, only to discover later that you had it all wrong and that the person was actually fantastic and you had many things in common.

The person didn’t change. You changed, your state changed.

Rather than make a generalization about them, you got to know them and got a deeper understanding of them.

If someone initially encounters you with negative energy and you reciprocate with equal negative energy you are both indulging in a race to the emotional bottom, no one is going to have a good experience.

Someone has to take the proverbial “high ground”.  Since you have the most to gain financially and emotionally, it might as well be you.

Remember that someone that is inherently mean spirited, argumentative and combative is a pro at this behavior. Let him be the pro, the best defense is to counteract it with listening. This is a very unusual occurrence for them, for most people just avoid him or her or even more foolishly, they engage him in a confrontational manner.  Listening to him will shock him and confound him. Also listening to his feelings is not the same as agreeing with him or allowing him to abuse you.

In many cases you will find that that customer has come around and assimilated to your energy.


By Keith Castonguay

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  1. Pete says:

    I enjoyed your article Keith! Your suggestions will help all salespeople not just retail furniture salespeople to make more money!

  2. Vickie McCarroll says:

    Great job Keith!

  3. Douglas says:

    Pete, thanks for sharing Keith’s article. It was very informative. It is the salespersons job to serve the customer regardless of the attitude of the person. It’s incredible how quickly customers will soften up when they see that you truly have their best intrest in mind. thanks again!

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Douglas! It is my pleasure to share Keith’s article. Thank you for your comments! As usual they were spot on.

  4. Rick Lynch says:

    Thanks for sharing this article with me. It is so true, attitude is everything,it can overcome many other shortcomings.

  5. Mel Opp says:

    You can choose your attitude, don’t let others choose it for you. Great article. As sales people we have to control the sale while letting the customer think they are in control.

  6. Jerry Young says:

    Wonderful article, how we interact with a customer is the one thing we can control. Attitude is our strongest tool.

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