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Ask Pete - Loyal Salespeople

Ask Pete – Loyal Salespeople

Question: I own a furniture store and I am frustrated by the turnover I am experiencing. By the time I train a salesperson and they start producing, they quit. What can I do to reduce or eliminate this turnover? Frustrated in Ohio, Scott Answer: Ask yourself two questions and you are not going to like either of […]

Ask Pete - Talalay Latex

Ask Pete – Talalay Latex

Question: I recently got into it with another salesman about talalay latex. He presents it to his customers as a type of latex. I present it to my customers as a process used to produce latex. Who is right? I have a bet on this! ~ Steve Answer: You won the bet! The talalay process involves freezing […]

Ask Pete - Time Management

Ask Pete – Time Management

Question: Sometimes I seem so overwhelmed. There are many tasks that I need to do everyday. Do you have any tips for time management in a retail store? -Patty Answer: I do. You cannot manage time! Only God can do that! But you can manage yourself! I learned this from the great Henry Habeeb many years ago […]

Ask Pete - Increasing Protect-A-Bed Sales

Ask Pete – Increasing Protect-A-Bed Sales

Question: I know you have trained me on how to sell Protect A Bed and I am selling a lot of them. I do want to sell more. We have a beautiful display and I use the swatches of premium in all my demos. Is there anything else I can do to increase my Protect A […]

Ask Pete - Wood Versus Steel Foundations

Ask Pete – Wood Versus Steel Foundations

Question:  I have heard conflicting reports from different manufacturers regarding wood foundations versus steel foundations. Also when I asked my mentor who has been selling for 37 years, he told me that the old coil boxes were better. What’s the truth? -Kathy Answer:  The coil boxes were better. Some customers complained about side sway when […]

Ask Pete – Pure Price Buyers

Question: Thanks for keeping it real. There is so much fluffy stuff out there that does not have any connection to reality. What should I do when all of my attempts to create value fall on deaf ears? It seems that on occasion I run into a pure price buyer. How can I close them? -Tommy

Ask Pete – The Bailout Close Revisited

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