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Ask Pete - Does it Void the Warranty?

Ask Pete – Does it Void the Warranty?

Question: I really enjoy your website and your articles on selling! I sold furniture and bedding in the 80’s and 90’s, then changed my career path. Now I am back in the retail furniture industry and am trying to understand the changes in the bedding industry. In the past, I was told by bedding reps […]

Ask Pete - Are Pillow Tops Better?

Ask Pete – Are Pillow Tops Better?

Question: I am new to mattress sales. Several people in my family told me that Pillow Top mattresses are the best. I was disappointed when in my training I was told that Pillow Tops are just a different way of sewing a mattress for a different look and it’s neither good nor bad. What is the […]

Ask Pete - Who to Hire?

Ask Pete – Who to Hire?

Question:  My general manager and I have both interviewed numerous candidates for a sales position at our store. We have narrowed it down to two. One is more outgoing and the other is quieter. Your vote will be the tie breaker as we are at an impasse. Who do you think we should hire? Sincerely, […]

Ask Pete - Stop Trying to be Perfect

Ask Pete – Stop Trying to be Perfect

Question: I am brand new to selling furniture. I just finished my training. Because I am so nervous about making mistakes I am missing sales. My manager has warned me that my numbers are too low and if I can’t get them up she will have to fire me. I really need this job. What can […]

Ask Pete - The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Ask Pete – The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Question: Thank you for recommending The Hour A Day Entrepreneur. I found some great tips on time management among other things. In your review you mentioned that there was one thing that Henry recommends that you should never do the first thing in the morning. You also mentioned that you improved your productivity by not doing […]

Ask Pete - Smelly Mattress

Ask Pete – Smelly Mattress

Question:  I occasionally get a complaint from my customers that their mattress smells. Our management told me that this is normal. Are they right? If they are how can my customer get rid of the smell as fast as possible? Thank you, Randy Answer:  Your company’s management is correct. All mattresses have some odor associated […]

Ask Pete - Have Fun

Ask Pete – Have Fun

Question: In your last article “7 Secrets to Winning From a Gold Medal Winner” you left out the importance of having fun. Do you think having fun is important? Thank you, Joe Answer: I do believe in having fun! One must be able to enjoy the journey not just the goal at the end of the journey. […]

Ask Pete - Be Fearless

Ask Pete – Be Fearless

Question:  I am new to sales and I enjoy watching your videos and reading your articles on your website. If you could wave a magic wand and give a salesman one skill or attitude that would make him great; what would it be? Best, Bill Answer:  Thank you for your kind words. I am glad […]

Ask Pete - Ridge in Middle of King Mattress

Ask Pete – Ridge in Middle of King Mattress

Question: I have a customer who is complaining about a hump in the middle of their king sized mattress. It runs from head to foot and is in the middle of the bed. My manager told me this is normal and not a defect that is covered by the mattress warranty. Is she right? If so, […]

Ask Pete - Mattress Measurements

Ask Pete – Mattress Measurements

Question: I am new to the industry. A customer asked me what size a queen size mattress is and I told her 60”X80”. When she got it home it measured a little less than 59” wide and it was less than 79” long. She was upset with me and accused me of selling her a defective mattress. […]