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Ask Pete – Wood Versus Steel Foundations

Question:  I have heard conflicting reports from different manufacturers regarding wood foundations versus steel foundations. Also when I asked my mentor who has been selling for 37 years, he told me that the old coil boxes were better. What’s the truth?


Answer:  The coil boxes were better. Some customers complained about side sway when they got in and out of the bed. The manufacturers developed torsion boxes which still helped the mattress to share the burden of the weight load, but without the side sway that some customers had complained about. Then in a cost cutting measure the big brands went to a semi-flex which is essentially a steel foundation. Both the wood and steel foundations behave the same way with a mattress on top of it. The benefit to the consumer to purchase a semi-flex steel box is that it is much quieter than a wood foundation. Also recent surveys suggest that consumers prefer steel to wood. Please visit  I hope this helps.


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  1. Oh, come on now. Do you really think that MRS. Consumer really cares if the foundation is steel or wood?

  2. Pete says:

    Mrs, Consumer does care about having stronger support. More importantly she wants quiet! You know and I know that steel does not make noise. We both also know that wood foundations do make noise. No matter who makes them the chances of noise are much higher with a wood foundation. So yes a customer educated about noise and strength wants steel. Watch the video! Have a nice weekend!


  3. Mark Quinn says:

    You should know that I work for Leggett and Platt so we have a vested interest in selling steel foundations because we make many of them. Consider this…what is the best way to build value for the consumer. If you visit that website that Pete pointed you to and think that there better story that is truthful about wood then tell/sell it instead. It is much easier for a consumer to get their brain aronund steal delivering more value and isn’t that what it is all about? SOME of the wood out there is real junk and will end up dissapointing somebody.

  4. A boxspring is far superior to a foundation. That is not humble opinion, that is fact. A foundation does nothing but raise the mattress 8″ or so further off the frame – may as well put the mattress on the floor.

  5. Pete says:

    I couldn’t agree more Chris! Thanks for your post!

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