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Ask Pete – Who to Hire?

Question:  My general manager and I have both interviewed numerous candidates for a sales position at our store. We have narrowed it down to two. One is more outgoing and the other is quieter. Your vote will be the tie breaker as we are at an impasse. Who do you think we should hire?


Answer:  There have to be additional differences other than one is more of an extrovert than the other. If you have a true high energy extrovert salesperson you will probably need to spend time with coaching them on their listening skills.

Introverts are natural listeners. The $64,000 question to ask an introvert is, “What do you like about sales?” If part of their answer includes they like or preferably love people, you have a keeper. Both introverts and extroverts can be successful in sales as long as they are not extremely introverted or extroverted. I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but it just might be the one you need. Interestingly enough Zig Ziglar considers himself to be a natural introvert.

Wishing You Success,

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  1. Kelly Newton says:

    I love this. When you love people then your job is not a job anymore. It’s a passion. When you connect with people you earn there trust.

    • Pete says:

      So true. That is exactly why our Southerland Dealers love you so much! Because of your passion! We are so blessed by having the absolute Joy of working with someone like you who is so committed and passionate. :) Pete

  2. Bob Vari says:

    Many great moments from Mr.Ziglar…I actually have his first set of sales techniques on old 45 records..YES PETE they are tucked away…His most memorable statement to me was “Remember 45% of a sale is Listening”..So I believe a good sales person is a combo of “inny & Outy “…intovert and extrovert..Thanks for the memories…BOB

  3. M. Lee says:

    This article has been very encouraging. I’m an introvert and have recently been offered a position in marketing and sales. I was feeling a bit nervous at first because it is usually assumed that extroverts are more successful in this type of position. However, I do love people. I love to study them and really listen to their wants and needs. I want to help them solve their problems in a way that is efficient and logical – or what you could say “makes the most sense”. Please wish me a whole lot of luck!

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