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Ask Pete – Talalay Latex

Question: I recently got into it with another salesman about talalay latex. He presents it to his customers as a type of latex. I present it to my customers as a process used to produce latex. Who is right? I have a bet on this!

~ Steve

Answer: You won the bet! The talalay process involves freezing the foam before baking it at over 200 degrees to prevent the settling of heavier particles to the bottom of the mold. The talalay process results in a more consistent foam that is also more durable and breathable than latex produced with the Dunlop method. The benefit to your customer is their new mattress will feel like the one they tried at the store. Plus their new mattress with talalay latex will last longer and have more comfort than mattresses produced with the Dunlop method.

Do you want to know more about Talalay Latex?  Click on this link and watch the video! Great information from a great company.

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