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Ask Pete – Stop Trying to be Perfect

Question: I am brand new to selling furniture. I just finished my training. Because I am so nervous about making mistakes I am missing sales. My manager has warned me that my numbers are too low and if I can’t get them up she will have to fire me. I really need this job. What can I do to save my job?

~ Paula

Answer: Often when we are over thinking our sales process it causes us to appear detached from our customer’s perspective. I have a few recommendations. The first is relax. I know that is easier said than done.  Understand that you will make mistakes. Stop trying to be perfect!

Be Yourself and let your customers know that you are new. Let your personality shine through! Many customers will actually try to buy from you. Ask your manager for help when you need it. Offer to help your manager. It is difficult to fire someone who is working hard and has a positive attitude. Good Luck!

Wishing You Success,

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  1. Ira Fishman says:


    Your advice is right on target. Being yourself is the best way to sell a prospect.

    I would like to add that trying to help the customer to buy instead of selling could be one of the best moves a rookie can make. This takes the pressure off you & it shows the customer that you care about their needs instead of just making a sale.

  2. Pete Primeau says:

    Thanks Ira! Your kind comment means a lot to me! Your experience in both retail and wholesale gives you a great perspective.

  3. Mel Opp says:

    Very sound advice from both Pete and Ira. You have to be yourself. Use what you have learned and make it yours by personalizing it to fit you. Ira gives a great tip in helping the customer buy. By doing this you will start to ask the right questions. Hopefully you have a manager who will help. To many out there who tell you that you need to get your numbers up without offer help.

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