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Ask Pete – Smelly Mattress

Question:  I occasionally get a complaint from my customers that their mattress smells. Our management told me that this is normal. Are they right? If they are how can my customer get rid of the smell as fast as possible?

Thank you,

Answer:  Your company’s management is correct. All mattresses have some odor associated with them. Sometimes it is worse than at other times. Additionally some customers have a lower threshold for a mattress with a strong odor than other customers. Here is how to solve the problem. I will give the slow way first and then two other faster solutions.

The slow option is to have the mattress uncovered in a well ventilated room. If you have a fan blowing on it that will accelerate the dissipation of the odors. It could take from two days to two weeks for the odor to go away. A faster way is to sprinkle baking soda on the mattress. Leave it on all day when the mattress is not being used. Then brush it off or carefully vacuum it off prior to sleeping on the mattress. The fastest way is to spray with unscented Lysol. Even though the smell is gone instantly I would still air it out. These three tips have helped thousands of retailers over the last thirty years to help their customers work through smelly mattresses.

Wishing You Success,

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