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Ask Pete – Ridge in Middle of King Mattress

Question: I have a customer who is complaining about a hump in the middle of their king sized mattress. It runs from head to foot and is in the middle of the bed. My manager told me this is normal and not a defect that is covered by the mattress warranty. Is she right? If so, why does this happen? Is there anything the customer can do to minimize the hump?

~ Confused in Ohio

Answer: Yes your manager is correct, the exception being if the hump creates a body impression that meets the warranty threshold. There are two factors that contribute to the hump/ridge formation.  The first is the fact that the two split boxes meet in the middle and give more support there than anywhere else. The second reason is most people don’t sleep in the middle of their bed and therefore do not break in the foam in the middle of the bed as much as either side.

Here are a couple of solutions that help to minimize the hump.  They both sound a little weird but they do work. The first is sleep right on the hump. The foam that has not been used will start to conform to the rest of the bed. The second is to have the customer turn the bed a quarter turn every 3-4 months. This will reduce the hump. I hope this helps.

Wishing You Success!


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  1. Tammy says:

    I had this problem and bought a new king mattress just a month ago and its getting a hump in the middle. We have figured it out finally. The problem with ours is the bed FRAME. It has a metal rod that runs down the length of the bed right where the hump is which makes in un-giveable. The solution was to go with just the rails and use four wood slates. Hope this might help someone else.

    • Pete says:

      Unfortunately You Have VOIDED Your Warranty by taking that support bar out. To All Retailers and Consumers who may read this article NEVER take out support from underneath your bed. A hump in the middle of king bed is to be expected and really doesn’t affect the quality of one’s sleep.

  2. Joseph says:

    Should the center support legs be floating just off the floor when bed is empty and only make contact with floor when someone in on the bed?

    • Pete says:

      No Joseph it should be making contact. The way boxes are built now it is critically important to have great support from the frame. Thanks for your question.

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