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Ask Pete – Pure Price Buyers

Question: Thanks for keeping it real. There is so much fluffy stuff out there that does not have any connection to reality. What should I do when all of my attempts to create value fall on deaf ears? It seems that on occasion I run into a pure price buyer. How can I close them?


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  1. Pete Primeau says:

    Pete, While I agree with your advice that it’s a good idea to turn over a pure price buyer to another associate, unless you’re selling a commodity item with a specific brand name & model that is easily shopped, value will always trump price. It is not an easy sale of course, but sending any customer to a competitor should always be avoided.
    The mattress business is ideal for creating value. It is not easily shopped & the sales person can really educate their customer on the value of a great nights sleep. Everyone has a hot button. A professional sales person never gives up trying to find it.

    Ira Fishman

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