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Ask Pete – Loyal Salespeople

Question: I own a furniture store and I am frustrated by the turnover I am experiencing. By the time I train a salesperson and they start producing, they quit. What can I do to reduce or eliminate this turnover?

Frustrated in Ohio,


Answer: Ask yourself two questions and you are not going to like either of them. If you do and answer them honestly you will be well on your way to reducing your turnover. The first question is would you work for you? One of my best accounts makes sure that every salesperson has the opportunity to take off one weekend per month. This same account also offers an option for a four day work week.  There are numerous areas to delve into. You should look into training, benefits, and compensation to name a few.

The second question is, “How loyal are you to your salespeople?” My favorite quote is, “People should not ask of others what they are unwilling to give themselves” by my favorite author, me! One of my friends worked for a top 100 retailer and one of the owners and senior buyers never once said Hi to him in over a year of employment there. They shouldn’t have been surprised when he quit! When people feel that the owners are listening to their suggestions they rarely quit. People quit when they have no voice in how the company changes and adapts. I hope this helps!

Wishing You Success,


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