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Ask Pete – Does it Void the Warranty?

Question: I really enjoy your website and your articles on selling! I sold furniture and bedding in the 80’s and 90’s, then changed my career path. Now I am back in the retail furniture industry and am trying to understand the changes in the bedding industry. In the past, I was told by bedding reps that if you sell a mattress without the box spring, it voids your warranty. Back then, before memory foam and platform beds, people rarely if ever wanted to buy just the mattress anyway.

Nowadays, buying a mattress only (without the foundation) seems to be the norm for many people and I have not been able to get an answer from my reps concerning this issue about the warranties.

Can you help me? I have been told that foam mattresses are fine on top of slat packs or bunkie boards if the customer doesn’t wish to purchase the foundation. Is this true?

Some people have told me it is fine to sell an innerspring mattress for use on a platform bed or low profile bed with slats. What is your take on this?


Linda C.

Answer: Hi Linda! I am so glad you enjoy the ezine. The warranty is not automatically voided if a mattress only is sold. It is only voided if it is found to be on a non supportive frame, rails or old box. Please look on my YouTube channel for a video on selling the set. It is one of my best videos. Just Click on my head. I am not a fan of bunkie boards for children over 100 pounds. The customer is better served with a half inch thick piece of plywood. I hope this helps.

Wishing You Success!


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