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Are Mattresses a Good Investment? by Gerry Morris

In times of uncertainty, most people are appropriately concerned about their investments and are especially cautious about making new investments if they choose to make them at all.

As a result of the difficulties over the last several years, most every expenditure will most certainly be scrutinized, especially bigger ticket items.

With today’s retails, most mattresses fall into the “big ticket” category officially qualifying them as an investment. We know that our product even in good times is a “grudge purchase” by many consumers.  I’ve stated the obvious for years: people simply prefer to buy the things they want rather than the things they need.

When it comes to investments, the criterion we use to justify our expense is most often based upon our belief that it will appreciate in value.  Obviously, mattresses won’t, making our job even more difficult.

On a positive note, we know people that are not sleeping well will only put off buying a mattress for so long. So as we are finding out, even in slow economies, bedding is not the worst product to sell. How would you like to be in RV sales?

But even if mattresses continue to sell, in times like these,  you would think the average ticket price almost certainly goes down for obvious reasons. “As long as we have to buy, let’s make darn sure (Texan for “certain”) that we get our money’s worth.” But actually, many dealers have increased tickets.

But either way, the question remains: Do you think mattresses are a good investment? 

Do you think most consumers think they are a good investment nowadays?  Hopefully so.

It’s important that you do, so that you can help make the case to your shoppers. 

Here is why I believe mattresses are one of the best consumer products to buy, or sell.

Another way people evaluate their investments is on the “return.” What they get out of it, or the benefit.   The return on investing in a top quality comfortable mattress may be better than any investment one could make at any time.

Take a person today, and suppose they sleep on an inexpensive mattress with minimum support and comfort.  Let’s then suppose that like many do, they keep it for 10 years, not knowing the difference because of lack of awareness, no good reference point by having never slept on a great mattress and the incremental nature of gradual wear.

Then take another person and have them sleep on a top quality mattress for the same time period and compare.   I would bet there would be a dramatic difference between the two in many ways, their health, physical appearance, income, relationships, happiness, and overall quality of life.

If you have ever been to a high school reunion, it is always shocking to see the difference in former classmates.  While genetics and other variables certainly play a role, the daily choices people make over time can make some look better than they did in high school and some look like they misread the class year by 10 or more.

I have to believe that in addition to making other good choices, most of the ones looking good, sleep well.  The toll taken upon the body, mind and spirit from lack of quality sleep can literally shorten one’s life. The effects of daily stress over the long run take their toll in so many ways. 

Think of an opposite scenario, the positive cumulative effect of taking a small vitamin, or walking for a few minutes daily over a 10 year period. Sound REM sleep renews our minds and bodies every night.  Multiply that over 10 years and you get the picture.

I understand that people want to hold on to their money.  I also understand that many people will not even be receptive to a discussion about the importance of quality sleep.  They just want to buy a bed and be on their way.

But, I believe it is a responsibility for those of us that have chosen to sell mattresses to help as many consumers as possible understand that there may be no better product you can buy than a mattress.  In addition to being a safe investment, the return outperforms all others many times over.

Have you made an investment in a top quality mattress. The best selling tool of all, is sleeping on one yourself and then wanting to share the positive impact it has had on your life with others.

Sleep well and help others do the same,

Gerry Morris

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  1. Pete Primeau says:

    Thank you Gerry for Sharing your wisdom with us! To get more Free Tips on Selling from Gerry visit For Gerry’s Newest training program just click here


  2. Keith Castonguay says:

    Another great article.You have a great way of taking the commodity aspect out of the mattress purchase.

  3. Marina Klima says:

    You are right, there is nothing more important than good sleep. with 50% or more of the population with sleeping disorders it is still not clear how anyone can try to save on a mattress. I think good mattress is even more important than a good doctor.Saying from personal experience.

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